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It’s a veritable UP-Fest!
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Stefano skis to The Uptones. The skiing is beautiful. The Swiss Ski Camp looks like gr8 fun.

Stefano Carlin Valais Suisse 12 / 13 from Swiss Ski Camps on Vimeo.

Swiss Ski Camps video uses Uptones song “Ridiculous”. We never saw guys on skis skanking to our music. Good one!

CuleBROS from Swiss Ski Camps on Vimeo.

This halloween, Brittany Laubsch carved a brilliant jack-o-lantern rendition of Buster the Ska Doggie:

Buster the Skalloween Doggie

Our mascot, drawn by Jesse Michaels, first appeared on the cover of the Skankin’ Foolz Unite! CD:

Since then, he has become quite the worldly hound, sneaking out of Uptones headquarters and showing up in the darndest places. 

Here is Buster getting ready for a footrace:

What’s your best Buster image? Send it in! We’ll make a photo album with the best entries, credit you on our site, and you’ll win skaliday prizes. You can Tweet it to us @Uptones or post it on our Facebook.