An Uptones Valentines post? Sure, why not! We don’t have many love songs, do we? Usually more political and sometimes eccentric in our song lyrics, we only have a few tunes in our skatalog about affaires d’amour. This one is most definitely a love song. Penned by Musashi “Moose” Lethridge just before he joined The Uptones, “East Of The Pond” is the first Moose original we recorded, and it is on our Skankin’ Foolz Unite! album. Included also here is Charles Stella’s epic dub mix of the song. Charles (AKA Professor Dub) was a founding member of The Uptones on guitar and vocals, and Moose stepped in when Charles moved on. There’s a lot of love in these tracks and so of course we’re posting them on St. Skalentines Day! The song is more reggae / lovers rock than ska. Enjoy with chocolates and champagne or whatever libations you may share with your honey. Our gift to you! With great heaping helpings of Uptones love!

East Of The Pond

East Of The Pond Dub

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Skanking: A form of dancing practiced in the ska, reggae and punk music scenes. Derived from the verb to Skank.

Fool: Noun. One with a marked propensity or fondness for something.