T.V. Guns

tvguns-orange-250pxThe Uptones – “T.V. Guns”

TV guns, you can’t escape,
Every channel, every day’s landscape,
TV guns turn ya, their sights are true,
You hear the sound and hit the ground and wish u never knew

TV guns, dammit, can’t get through,
This brat in middle school is waving daddy’s 22,
Shot the ratings through the roof and then his own self too,
Locked the trigger but go figure, well what can you do?

TV guns, it’s all in fun,
Thought it only went boom,
Got a live one,
Whose life is done?
TV guns

TV guns block off the streets to shoot,
Blinded in the movie lights, can’t press mute,
Sky camera on the watch for you,
Under the chopper light it’s fight or flight, breaking news

TV guns, go to your room,
Sit quietly and watch the TV bombs go boom boom boom
Bad boy neglect, no self respect,
Collect yourself and get down to the morgue to view

TV guns, it’s all in fun,
Got what ya need, on satellite feed,
We caught it live, whose life is done?
TV guns

You walk on the dark side,
Hiding from fear,
And just when u think that,
The coast is clear,
Streetcars go flying,
And the jets come fast in,
Can’t hear oneself dying,
Over the din,

Runnin’ through a hail of bullets,
But none seem to graze your skin,
Til the director says do him in,
Those TV bullets just can’t win,

Can’t keep my shoes on it’s getting too absurd,
One horrid act, become a household word,
Bleed so ya lead agreed the young anchor,
Let’s use the news to sell some shoes these kids are killing for,

TV guns, it’s all in fun
Thought it only went boom,
Got a live one

TV guns, it’s all in fun
Got what ya need, on satellite feed
We caught it live, it’s always on,
TV guns

© 2010 Dinwiddie, Eastwood, Jackson, Kaufman / King Roy Music

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Skanking: A form of dancing practiced in the ska, reggae and punk music scenes. Derived from the verb to Skank.

Fool: Noun. One with a marked propensity or fondness for something.