Here are some tunes that you can listen to abso-freaking-lutely free.

From Skankin’ Foolz Unite!:



Radiation Boy

(produced by Matthew King Kaufman, recorded and Mixed by Michael Rosen)

From East Bay Orbits:

T.V. Guns


Solar Disco Ball




From Live!! 924 Gilman:

Get Out Of My Way


Physical High


Rude Boy


East Of A Western Bay

(produced by Matthew King Kaufman, recorded Live at 924 Gilman Street)

Dub Mixes by Charles Stella:

Bonnie And Clyde Dub


East Of The Pond Dub


From the kitchen:

Laws and Sausage vid
by Lisa McElroy

Bested By Pelicans vid:
by Paul Jackson & Shannon Wheeler

Live vidi of Ridiculous @ East Bay Express show

(caught on Arymoosh’s phone-cam!)

MP3 Ringtones:
Outback Ringtone
Radiation Boy Ringtone


“Sitting down at an Uptones show is like keeping your eyes shut at a movie.”
– Rolling Stone

“The Uptones… without a doubt the best show in Berkeley.”
– Berkeley Free Press

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Skanking: A form of dancing practiced in the ska, reggae and punk music scenes. Derived from the verb to Skank.

Fool: Noun. One with a marked propensity or fondness for something.