ska shrine

Musashi “Moose” Lethridge, Uptones guitarist and builder of the world’s first Ska Shrine, recently demonstrated Proper Shrine Use and Etiquette, to help publicize the Ska Shrine Ska4Ever Postage Stamp. [click to continue…]

I mailed my letter to Santa early this year. I used the new official Ska Shrine Stamp.  I’m going to be the 1st to spread Ska love with Mr. and Mrs. Kris Kringle and his whole crew. Spread the word about Ska to all the people you know: Buy a book of stamps.


The Ska Shrine has commissioned The Uptone’s keyboardist and renowned graphic artist, Paul Jackson, to design the first ever Ska Shrine Postage Stamp.


The Ska Shrine’s purpose – to spread the word about Ska – has been realized with the United States Post Office issue of this first official Ska Shrine postage stamp.  Here’s a link to where you can purchase a book of stamps. That way you too can help spread the word about Ska. Use the stamp often so more people will learn about Ska.

Jake the Skank was on hand to video this historic event. The Uptones were invited to the secret location of Ska4u’s Shrine to Skanking, and they were allowed to be the first people to skank on the shrine. Check it out.